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The coming election blowout of Democrats on election day.

As the election grows closer everyday, it’s starting to look a lot like the Democrats are going to be slaughtered politically by the voters. Voters are by large numbers angry and upset with the state of the economy and the party in charge are the ones usually punished.

Two years after Obama was elected president and a platform of making the economy better, and 18 months after the stimulus of almost $900 billion, as failed to stimulate the economy, voters mainly Independents and Republicans are complaining that it was large of too much government spending and not enough personal and business tax cuts.

President Obama at a campaign rally in Massachusetts blamed voters and their stupidity for the anger facing Democrats, this is by far a different tone from 2008 when he ran a more positive and up beat campaign with his now famous slogan of “Yes We Can”, look how a two years can make a difference in politics.

Political pundits on both sides of the political spectrum are predicating privately that Republicans win the US House of Representatives and have a good shot of capturing the US Senate. The biggest target for Republicans in the US Senate will be Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada who is in the fight of his life against Tea Party favorite Linda Angle, latest poll compile by realclearpolictics.com shows Angle with a small lead, one must remember that this poll came out after her third quarter fundraising total were reported, an astounding $14 million dollars, more than any senate candidate this election season.

Here are some of the Senate races in which I think that Republicans will win. Marco Rubio of Florida, Blunt of Missouri, Toomey of Pennsylvania, Angle of Nevada, Rossi of Washington State, Paul of Tennessee and Fiorina of California and Johnson of Wisconsin, you might ask why am I so optimistic of the chances of Republicans this election cycle, it’s because most polls usually underestimate the likely voters of Republican while overly estimating the Democrats.



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